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Power of TikTok Beauty Trends


TikTok’s impact on the beauty industry has been crazy.

According to this study on the effect of TikTok beauty influencers on cosmetics sales, beauty influencers are important in influencing customer purchasing decisions.

The beauty industry knows how to make use of social media as a successful marketing strategy and reach out to global audiences.

Key Points

  • Content Types on TikTok (makeup & hair transformations, skincare routines, beauty hacks, and nail art)
  • Marketing Strategies like using TikTok-specific content, challenges, product demonstrations, user participation for campaigns
  • How successful brand campaigns like that of Maybelline, Estée Lauder, MAC use TikTok
  • Top Beauty Trends of 2023 (like natural glow, grunge makeup, skin cycling, monochromatic makeup, and simplistic nails)

So what kind of beauty trends are popular on TikTok?

Makeup & Hair Transformations

TikTok is known for its quick format and therefore, short creative makeup videos. So users show how talented they are as they change their appearance using makeup showing different makeup techniques like color correcting for covering dark circles, or contouring tips, etc.

Users also garner views by sharing their hair transformations, like dyeing hair a viral shade, experimenting with new hairstyles, or something more helpful like hair care tips using serums and oils.

Skincare Routine

Skincare reels are popular on Instagram and TikTok alike, and every now and then there is a viral TikTok featured across apps on AHAs and BHAs and even dermatologists reacting to influencers suggesting tips and recommending products for night and day skincare. This has made such content more popular, and therefore, the products more popular.

Beauty Hacks

Users are constantly sharing tips and hacks for beauty and cosmetics. Using ingredients found in the kitchen for homemade masks or making solutions for cleaning beauty blenders and makeup brushes, for example.

Nail Art

Nail art tutorials are also popular on TikTok with an endless scope for designs, techniques, tools, and tips. Users get to show their skills with intricate styles and nail care routines which has piqued interest in respective products.

So beauty trends on TikTok are ever-evolving and regularly being uploaded by users. No wonder businesses leverage this platform to reach out and target consumers and find a way to advertise their offerings. What they need as an effective marketing strategy is just to collaborate with a popular influencer, generate some sponsored content and watch the sales go up.

In addition to this, beauty companies have seen the wave and ridden it expertly by:

  • Creating TikTok-specific content and engaging videos that match the trends of the time on the app.
  • Engaging in popular challenges or creating branded ones to enhance visibility.
  • Making videos of product demonstrations, quick and engaging videos that are informative and fun to watch.
  • Getting more user participation by encouraging videos and hashtags.

Several brands like Maybelline, Camille Beauty, Volition Beauty, Estée Lauder, MAC cosmetics, Clinique, L’Oreal, and CoverGirl have used TikTok’s platform for successful campaigns and one of Maybelline’s promotional campaigns on TikTok surpassed expectations by 25%.

So companies understand the impact social media can have as they increase brand awareness and loyalty while encouraging interaction with potential buyers by building on viral trends.

Top beauty trends of 2023 offer something for every palette:

  • Natural Glow: For those seeking a radiant complexion.
  • Grunge Makeup: For the bold and edgy.
  • Skin Cycling: Balancing exfoliation and recovery.
  • Monochromatic Makeup: A cohesive look using the same color palette.
  • Simplistic Nails: Chic and understated.

Apart from all these, the top trends so far have been Coquette Beauty, Glass Skin, and Skin Yoga. All this shows how TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform that is significantly shaping the beauty industry.